Day Eve M. Komet in residency at MHAS

Date start: 06.02.2023
Date end: 20.02.2023


Day Eve M. Komet is a shapeshifting multi-disciplinary artist. They are a poet, philosopher and a world- maker that lives within and beyond liminal space.  They are the creator of – an intergalactic rabbit hole into other dimensions that explores and sits upon the foundation that there are infinite ways to the same place and that dreams are as sincere as reality. 

MHAS is honored to be the exhibition space and home for My Servant’s Master for the period of Day Eve M. Komet’s residency. My Servant’s Master is an interactive exhibition that explores grief and healing in adventurous and decolonial ways. It is a portal of grief for the adventurous and thus like the numerous stages of grief a realm is created where moving slowly and patience is required. Participants are asked to slow down and pay attention to their feelings as they are guided through the installation by way of the photographs, film, immersive sound and the  interactive manual.


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